The Harmenide Model

The Harmenide Model

As Harmenide Design Studio we have developed a Design Process Cycle Model that we call the Harmenide Model in order for us to establish strong communication with our clients and set upcoming design project terms accordingly with the aid of the model.


 The model aims to reveal the full lifecycle of a design and the design process itself, explicitly stressing the designer's role in the whole cycle after the design process. As Harmenide we believe this part is always neglected in primary client meetings which result in constraints down the line.


The pieces of Harmenide Model actually started revealing itself during some of our stressful meetings with our clients. We found out that some parts of our existing design process model does not reflect the actual process, workload and dependencies on all parties in the projects. This resulted in constraints in communication between parties, extensions to the time line of the projects, increase in project budgets and failure in distribution of work in project planning. This is why we have started to alter the way we present the existing design process cycle model towards a more explanatory form with communication in mind.


One of the key points in describing design profession is the term that is used widely and adopted by us: ‘‘designers design for others’’. This term is generally being used to separate the designers from artists and you might disapprove this in some content but truly designs are generally made by considering the needs of others rather then defining the way designers like to express their individual thoughts. If you offer a design service for another person, you need to be able to communicate clearly about your thoughts in pre-design process and convince your client the way you imagine the design solution. You will be negotiating and talking about an intangible design idea and move towards a tangible design which requires good communication techniques. We consider around %30 of each design project is all about establishing the right form of communication between parties and that %30 will block the rest %70 if not setup correctly.


We have developed Harmenide Model to communicate better, describe in detail and establish better terms & conditions with all parties who will be participating in a design project.



We wanted to share our model with you hoping to contribute to the way you work and design. Feel free to contact us directly if you have further questions at

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