Bratus Hotels, a luxury hotel for retreat, relax, replenish

Bratus Hotels, a luxury hotel for retreat, relax, replenish


We have partnered up with Monark Interiors to design and develop a new international hotel startup in the heart of Aqaba Jordan.

As Harmenide our mission was to create a comprehensive brand identity that defines the ethos and apply it through digital and physical interfaces carrying  core brand values.

It was vital for us to find a harmonious path to combine sustainable, natural green approach with lavish, high-end interiors. Gratefully, our fluent co-operation with Monark Interiors Ltd. allowed us to procced with ease.


From the Brand Book:

Bratus is an international hospitality brand designed to reflect the elegance of nature and provide replenishing experience for its guests. We have combined our passion for nature with a sophisticated design approach to reveal fine detailed interiors and services for BRATUS. We are aiming to become a green sanctuary icon for guests who would like to retreat, relax and replenish while inspiring them to love nature.

The love & respect for Nature lies in the centre of our mindset. We seek to reflect the elegance of nature in all aspects of the brand. Our contemporary interior design with nature infused touches plays the key role in providing the relaxing ambiance for our guests. All materials used are ethically sourced with sustainability kept as priority. We are also after defining a greener hospitality service without compromising the high comfort standards of the brand. Our intention is to be a frontier with our new concept in hospitality sector.


The estimated completion of the project is Summer 2022.






Bratus Hotel

Bratus Hotel_ Monark Interiors

Bratus Hotel_Monark Interiors

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