Odin White Wine Glass (Lead-Free Crystal)

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We believe that the design of a glass has a remarkable effect on the taste of your drink as well as the visual experience. Odin Collection has soft and curvy lines that allow you to fully grasp your drink physically and mentally. 

Odin can easily blend into your casual lunch tables and also have the elegance to complement luxurious dining tables.

The wide bottom section allows you to ventilate vintage wines faster and the narrow throat will make sure that you can catch the notes to enjoy your drink. 

Odin collection is handmade from Crystalline (lead-free crystal). The collection has three different variations for now but they can be used for serving various drinks depending on your choice of table setup.

401ml / 14.1fl oz

Height: 19cm / 7.4in

Mouth Width: 7.2cm / 2.8in

Body Width: 10cm / 3.9in

Material: Crystalline (Lead-Free Crystal)